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§ 117. Advance appropriations for certain accounts
(a)In General.—For each fiscal year, new budget authority provided in an appropriations Act for the covered accounts of the Department shall—
(1) be made available for that fiscal year; and
(2) include, for each such account, advance new budget authority that first becomes available for the first fiscal year after the budget year.
(b)Estimates Required.—The Secretary shall include in documents submitted to Congress in support of the President’s budget submitted pursuant to section 1105 of title 31, United States Code, detailed estimates of the funds necessary for the covered accounts of the Department for the fiscal year following the fiscal year for which the budget is submitted.
(c)Covered Accounts of the Department.—For purposes of this section, the term “covered accounts of the Department” means the following accounts of the Department of Veterans Affairs account:
(1) Veterans Benefits Administration, Compensation and Pensions.
(2) Veterans Benefits Administration, Readjustment Benefits.
(3) Veterans Benefits Administration, Veterans Insurance and Indemnities.
(4) Veterans Health Administration, Medical Services.
(5) Veterans Health Administration, Medical Support and Compliance.
(6) Veterans Health Administration, Medical Facilities.
(7) Veterans Health Administration, Medical Community Care.
(d)Annual Report.—Not later than July 31 of each year, the Secretary shall submit to Congress an annual report on the sufficiency of the Department’s resources for the next fiscal year beginning after the date of the submittal of the report for the provision of medical care. Such report shall also include estimates of the workload and demand data for that fiscal year.
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