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§ 8165. Use of proceeds
(1) Funds received by the Department under an enhanced-use lease and remaining after any deduction from those funds under subsection (b) shall, at the discretion of the Secretary, be deposited in—
(A) the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Care Collections Fund established under section 1729A of this title; or
(B) the Medical Facilities or Construction, Minor Projects account of the Department to be used to defray the costs of administration, maintenance, repair, and related expenses incurred by the Department with respect to property that is owned by or under the jurisdiction or control of the Department.
(2) Funds received by the Department from a disposal of leased property under section 8164 of this title shall be deposited into the Department of Veterans Affairs Construction, Major Projects account or Construction, Minor Projects account, as the Secretary considers appropriate.
(b) An amount sufficient to pay for any expenses incurred by the Secretary in any fiscal year in connection with an enhanced-use lease shall be deducted from the proceeds of the lease for that fiscal year and may be used by the Secretary to reimburse the account from which the funds were used to pay such expenses. The Secretary may use the proceeds from any enhanced-use lease to reimburse applicable appropriations of the Department for any expenses incurred in the development of additional enhanced-use leases.
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