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§ 6701.
Transfer of rights and authorities of Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
In General.—
The Administrator of General Services—
may make and perform transactions with an agency or instrumentality of the Federal Government, a State, the District of Columbia, or any person as necessary to carry out the trade center plan at the Federal Triangle Project; and
has all the rights and authorities of the former Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation with regard to property transferred from the Corporation to the General Services Administration in fiscal year 1996.
Use of Amounts and Income.—
Activities associated with transferred responsibilities.—
The Administrator may use amounts transferred from the Corporation or income earned on Corporation property for activities associated with carrying out the responsibilities of the Corporation transferred to the Administrator. Any income earned after October 1, 1998, shall be deposited to the Federal Buildings Fund to be available for the purposes authorized under this subchapter, notwithstanding section 592(c)(1) of this title.
Excess amounts or income.—
Any amounts or income the Administrator considers excess to the amount needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the Corporation transferred to the Administrator shall be applied to any outstanding debt the Corporation incurred when acquiring real estate, except debt associated with the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.
Payment to District of Columbia.—
With respect to real property transferred from the Corporation to the Administrator under section 6702 of this title, the Administrator shall pay to the District of Columbia government, in the same way as previously paid by the Corporation, an amount equal to the amount of real property tax which would have been payable to the government beginning on the date the Corporation acquired the real property if legal title to the property had been held by a private citizen on that date and during all periods to which that date relates.
(Pub. L. 107–217, Aug. 21, 2002, 116 Stat. 1193.)
cite as: 40 USC 6701