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§ 1862l. National research facilities
(a) Facilities plan
(1) In general

The Director shall prepare, and include as part of the Foundation’s annual budget request to Congress, a plan for the proposed construction of, and repair and upgrades to, national research facilities, including full life-cycle cost information.

(2) Contents of the planThe plan shall include—
(A) estimates of the costs for the construction, repairs, and upgrades described in paragraph (1), including costs for instrumentation development;
(B) estimates of the costs for the operation and maintenance of existing and proposed new facilities;
(C) in the case of proposed new construction and for major upgrades to existing facilities, funding profiles, by fiscal year, and milestones for major phases of the construction;
(D) for each project funded under the major research equipment and facilities construction account and for major upgrades of facilities in support of Antarctic research programs—
(i) estimates of the total project cost (from planning to commissioning); and
(ii) the source of funds, including Federal funding identified by appropriations category and non-Federal funding;
(E) estimates of the full life-cycle cost of each national research facility;
(F) information on any plans to retire national research facilities; and
(G) estimates of funding levels for grants supporting research that will be conducted using each national research facility.
(3) Special ruleThe plan shall include cost estimates in the categories of construction, repair, and upgrades—
(A) for the year in which the plan is submitted to Congress; and
(B) for not fewer than the succeeding 4 years.
(b) Status of facilities under construction

The plan required under subsection (a) shall include a status report for each uncompleted construction project included in current and previous plans. The status report shall include data on cumulative construction costs by project compared with estimated costs, and shall compare the current and original schedules for achievement of milestones for the major phases of the construction.

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