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§ 1862n–5. Board meetings; audits; reports; scholarship eligibility
(a) Board meetings
(1) Omitted
(2) Open meetings

To ensure transparency of the Board’s entire decision-making process, including deliberations on Board business occurring within its various subdivisions, the Board and all of its committees, subcommittees, and task forces (and any other entity consisting of members of the Board and reporting to the Board) shall be subject to section 552b of title 5. The preceding requirement will apply to meetings of the full Board, whenever a quorum is present; and to meetings of its subdivisions, whenever a quorum of the subdivision is present.

(3) Compliance review

The Inspector General of the Foundation shall conduct a review of the compliance by the Board with the requirements described in paragraph (2) as necessary based on a triennial risk assessment. Any review deemed necessary shall examine the proposed and actual span of closed meetings and determine whether the closure of the meetings was consistent with section 552b of title 5.

(4) Materials relating to closed portions of meeting

To facilitate the risk assessment required under paragraph (3) of this subsection, and any subsequent review conducted by the Inspector General, the Office of the National Science Board shall maintain the General Counsel’s certificate, the presiding officer’s statement, and a transcript or recording of any closed meeting, for at least 3 years after such meeting.

(b), (c) Omitted
(d) Scholarship eligibility

The Director shall not exclude part-time students from eligibility for scholarships under the Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholarship program.

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