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§ 2384. Transfer to governmental entity or private nonprofit organization; determination of transferee
(a) Transfers may be made to one or more of the following, if the entity has the legal authority to receive the installation: (1) the city at the community; (2) the State in which the community is located; (3) any political subdivision or agency of that State; or (4) a private nonprofit organization in the case of the hospital installation or cemetery at the community.
(b) In determining the entity to which school, hospital, and other municipal installations, respectively, shall be transferred, the Commission shall be governed, in order, by
(1) the results of a vote in which the eligible voters in the community expressed themselves directly on the transfer in the vote on the incorporation of the city;
(2) the results of a vote in which the eligible voters have directly expressed themselves on the proposed transfer in a referendum or other officially recognized procedure;
(3) there being only one entity which is legally authorized to receive the municipal installation; or
(4) in the absence of the other alternatives, the Commission has conducted a vote of the eligible voters of the community on the proposed transfer under such procedures as it may establish.
(Aug. 4, 1955, ch. 543, ch. 8, § 84, 69 Stat. 481.)