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§ 3017. Evaluation of programs
(a) Authority of Secretary; scope of evaluation; persons conducting evaluation

The Secretary shall measure and evaluate the impact of all programs authorized by this chapter, their effectiveness in achieving stated goals in general, and in relation to their cost, their impact on related programs, their effectiveness in targeting for services under this chapter unserved older individuals with greatest economic need (including low-income minority individuals and older individuals residing in rural areas) and unserved older individuals with greatest social need (including low-income minority individuals and older individuals residing in rural areas), and their structure and mechanisms for delivery of services, including, where appropriate, comparisons with appropriate control groups composed of persons who have not participated in such programs. Evaluations shall be conducted by persons not immediately involved in the administration of the program or project evaluated.

(b) Relationship of programs to health care expenditures

Not later than July 1, 2020, the Secretary shall provide, directly or through grant or contract, for an evaluation of programs under this chapter, which shall include, to the extent practicable, an analysis of the relationship of such programs, including demonstration projects under subchapter IV of this chapter, to health care expenditures under the Medicare program established under title XVIII of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395 et seq.) and the Medicaid program established under title XIX of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396 et seq.). The Secretary shall oversee analyses of data obtained in connection with program evaluation to evaluate, where feasible, the relationship of programs under this chapter to health care expenditures, including under the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

(c) General standards

The Secretary may not make grants or contracts under subchapter IV of this chapter until the Secretary develops and publishes general standards to be used by the Secretary in evaluating the programs and projects assisted under such subchapter. Results of evaluations conducted pursuant to such standards shall be included in the reports required by section 3018 of this title.

(d) Opinions of program and project participants; comparison of effectiveness of related programs; consultation with organizations concerned with older individuals

In carrying out evaluations under this section, the Secretary shall, whenever possible, arrange to obtain the opinions of program and project participants about the strengths and weaknesses of the programs and projects, and conduct, where appropriate, evaluations which compare the effectiveness of related programs in achieving common objectives. In carrying out such evaluations, the Secretary shall consult with organizations concerned with older individuals, including those representing minority individuals, older individuals residing in rural areas and older individuals with disabilities.

(e) Annual summaries and analyses of evaluation; demonstration projects; transmittal to Congress; dissemination to Federal, State, and local agencies and private organizations; accessibility to public

The Secretary shall annually publish summaries and analyses of the results of evaluative research and evaluation of program and project impact and effectiveness, including, as appropriate, health and nutrition education demonstration projects conducted under section 3027(f) 1

1 See References in Text note below.
of this title, the full contents of which shall be transmitted to Congress, be disseminated to Federal, State, and local agencies and private organizations with an interest in aging, and be accessible to the public.

(f) Federal property

The Secretary shall take the necessary action to assure that all studies, evaluations, proposals, and data produced or developed with Federal funds shall become the property of the United States.

(g) Availability to Secretary of information from executive agencies

Such information as the Secretary may deem necessary for purposes of the evaluations conducted under this section shall be made available to him, upon request, by the departments and agencies of the executive branch.

(h) Funds

From the total amount appropriated for each fiscal year to carry out subchapter III, the Secretary may use such sums as may be necessary, but not to exceed ½ of 1 percent of such amount, for purposes of conducting evaluations under this section, either directly or through grants or contracts. No part of such sums may be reprogrammed, transferred, or used for any other purpose. Funds expended under this subsection shall be justified and accounted for by the Secretary.

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