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§ 5116e.
Local program requirements
In general
Grants made under this subchapter shall be used to develop, implement, operate, expand, and enhance community-based, and prevention-focused programs and activities designed to strengthen and support families to prevent child abuse and neglect that—
(1) assess community assets and needs through a planning process that involves parents, local public agencies, local nonprofit organizations, and private sector representatives in meaningful roles;
(2) develop a comprehensive strategy to provide a continuum of preventive, family-centered services to children and families, especially to young parents, to parents with young children, and to parents who are adult former victims of domestic violence or child abuse or neglect, through public-private partnerships;
provide for core child abuse and neglect prevention services, which may be provided directly by the local recipient of the grant funds or through grants or agreements with other local agencies, such as—
(i) parent education, mutual support and self help, and parent leadership services;
(ii) respite care services;
(iii) outreach and followup services, which may include voluntary home visiting services; and
(iv) community and social service referrals; and
provide access to optional services, including—
(i) referral to and counseling for adoption services for individuals interested in adopting a child or relinquishing their child for adoption;
(ii) child care, early childhood education and care, and intervention services;
(iii) referral to services and supports to meet the additional needs of families with children with disabilities and parents who are individuals with disabilities;
(iv) referral to job readiness services;
(v) referral to educational services, such as academic tutoring, literacy training, and General Educational Degree services;
(vi) self-sufficiency and life management skills training;
(vii) community referral services, including early developmental screening of children;
(viii) peer counseling; and
(ix) domestic violence service programs that provide services and treatment to children and their non-abusing caregivers.
(4) develop leadership roles for the meaningful involvement of parents in the development, operation, evaluation, and oversight of the programs and services;
(5) provide leadership in mobilizing local public and private resources to support the provision of needed child abuse and neglect prevention program services; and
(6) participate with other community-based and prevention-focused programs and activities designed to strengthen and support families to prevent child abuse and neglect in the development, operation, and expansion of networks where appropriate.

In awarding local grants under this subchapter, a lead entity shall give priority to effective community-based programs serving low-income communities and those serving young parents or parents with young children, including community-based child abuse and neglect prevention programs..1

1 So in original.

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