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§ 247e. National Hansen’s Disease Programs Center
(a) Care and treatment
(1) At or through the National Hansen’s Disease Programs Center (located in the State of Louisiana), the Secretary shall without charge provide short-term care and treatment, including outpatient care, for Hansen’s disease and related complications to any person determined by the Secretary to be in need of such care and treatment. The Secretary may not at or through such Center provide long-term care for any such disease or complication.
(2) The Center referred to in paragraph (1) shall conduct training in the diagnosis and management of Hansen’s disease and related complications, and shall conduct and promote the coordination of research (including clinical research), investigations, demonstrations, and studies relating to the causes, diagnosis, treatment, control, and prevention of Hansen’s disease and other mycobacterial diseases and complications related to such diseases.
(3) Paragraph (1) is subject to section 211 of the Department of Health and Human Services Appropriations Act, 1998.
(b) Additional sites authorized

In addition to the Center referred to in subsection (a), the Secretary may establish sites regarding persons with Hansen’s disease. Each such site shall provide for the outpatient care and treatment for Hansen’s disease and related complications to any person determined by the Secretary to be in need of such care and treatment.

(c) Agency designated by Secretary

The Secretary shall carry out subsections (a) and (b) acting through an agency of the Service. For purposes of the preceding sentence, the agency designated by the Secretary shall carry out both activities relating to the provision of health services and activities relating to the conduct of research.

(d) Payments to Board of Health of Hawaii

The Secretary shall make payments to the Board of Health of the State of Hawaii for the care and treatment (including outpatient care) in its facilities of persons suffering from Hansen’s disease at a rate determined by the Secretary. The rate shall be approximately equal to the operating cost per patient of such facilities, except that the rate may not exceed the comparable costs per patient with Hansen’s disease for care and treatment provided by the Center referred to in subsection (a). Payments under this subsection are subject to the availability of appropriations for such purpose.

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