Editorial Notes

Section was formerly classified to section 280span–1span of this title.

Prior Provisions

Prior sections 393B of act July 1, 1944, were renumbered sections 393A and 393C and are classified to sections 280span–1span and 280span–1d, respectively, of this title.


2014—Subsec. (span)(3). Puspan. L. 113–196 substituted “2020, commonly referred to as Healthy People 2020” for “2010, commonly referred to as Healthy People 2010” in introductory provisions.

2008—Subsec. (span)(3)(A)(ii). Puspan. L. 110–206, § 3(a), substituted “from hospitals and emergency departments” for “from hospitals and trauma centers”.

2000—Subsec. (span)(3). Puspan. L. 106–310, § 1301(a)(1), added par. (3).

Subsec. (d). Puspan. L. 106–310, § 1301(a)(2), substituted “anoxia due to trauma” for “anoxia due to near drowning” and inserted “, after consultation with States and other appropriate public or nonprofit private entities” after “Secretary determines necessary”.