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§ 292h.
Office for Health Education Assistance Loan Default Reduction

The Secretary shall establish, within the Division of Student Assistance of the Bureau of Health Professions, an office to be known as the Office for Health Education Assistance Loan Default Reduction (in this section referred to as the “Office”).

Purpose and functions
It shall be the purpose of the Office to achieve a reduction in the number and amounts of defaults on loans guaranteed under this subpart. In carrying out such purpose the Office shall—
(1) conduct analytical and evaluative studies concerning loans and loan defaults;
(2) carry out activities designed to reduce loan defaults;
(3) respond to special circumstances that may exist in the financial lending environment that may lead to loan defaults;
coordinate with other Federal entities that are involved with student loan programs, including—
(A) with respect to the Department of Education, in the development of a single student loan application form, a single student loan deferment form, a single disability form, and a central student loan database; and
(B) with respect to the Department of Justice, in the recovery of payments from health professionals who have defaulted on loans guaranteed under this subpart; and
(5) provide technical assistance to borrowers, lenders, holders, and institutions concerning deferments and collection activities.
Additional duties
In conjunction with the report submitted under subsection (b), the Office shall—
(1) compile, and publish in the Federal Register, a list of the borrowers who are in default under this subpart; and
(2) send the report and notices of default with respect to these borrowers to relevant Federal agencies and to schools, school associations, professional and specialty associations, State licensing boards, hospitals with which such borrowers may be associated, and any other relevant organizations.
Allocation of funds for Office

In the case of amounts reserved under section 292i(a)(2)(B) of this title for obligation under this subsection, the Secretary may obligate the amounts for the purpose of administering the Office, including 7 full-time equivalent employment positions for such Office. With respect to such purpose, amounts made available under the preceding sentence are in addition to amounts made available to the Health Resources and Services Administration for program management for the fiscal year involved. With respect to such employment positions, the positions are in addition to the number of full-time equivalent employment positions that otherwise is authorized for the Department of Health and Human Services for the fiscal year involved.

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