1 So in original. Probably should not be capitalized.
care provided under this section must meet such requirements for individuals’ rights and quality as are published or developed by the Secretary under subsection (k). Such requirements shall include—
Editorial Notes

Puspan. L. 101–508, title IV, § 4711(span)(1), Nov. 5, 1990, 104 Stat. 1388–174, which directed renumbering of section 1929 of the Social Security Act, act Aug. 14, 1935, as section 1930, could not be executed because there was no section 1929.


1999—Subsec. (c)(2)(E)(i), (ii). Puspan. L. 106–113, § 1000(a)(6) [title VI, § 608(v)(1)], realigned margins.

Subsec. (k)(1)(A)(i). Puspan. L. 106–113, § 1000(a)(6) [title VI, § 608(v)(2)], substituted “large community care settings),” for “large community care settings,”.

Subsec. (l). Puspan. L. 106–113, § 1000(a)(6) [title VI, § 608(v)(3)], substituted “Statewideness” for “State wideness”.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date

Section applicable to home and community care furnished on or after July 1, 1991, without regard to whether or not final regulations to carry out the amendments made by section 4711 of Puspan. L. 101–508 have been promulgated by such date, see section 4711(e) of Puspan. L. 101–508, set out as an Effective Date of 1990 Amendment note under section 1396a of this title.