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§ 9007.
Technical Panel of Energy Research Advisory Board

A Technical Panel of the Energy Research Advisory Board shall be established to advise the Board on the conduct of the ocean thermal energy conversion program.

(1) The Technical Panel shall be comprised of such representatives from domestic industry, universities, Government laboratories, financial, environmental and other organizations as the Chairman of the Energy Research Advisory Board deems appropriate based on his assessment of the technical and other qualifications of such representative.
(2) Members of the Technical Panel need not be members of the full Energy Research Advisory Board.
Compliance with laws and regulations

The activities of the Technical Panel shall be in compliance with any laws and regulations guiding the activities of technical and fact-finding groups reporting to the Energy Research Advisory Board.

Review and recommendations
The Technical Panel shall review and may make recommendations on the following items, among others:
(1) implementation and conduct of the programs established by this chapter;
(2) definition of ocean thermal energy conversion system performance requirements for various user applications; and
(3) economic, technological, and environmental consequences of the deployment of ocean thermal energy conversion systems.
The Technical Panel shall submit to the Energy Research Advisory Board on at least an annual basis a written report of its findings and recommendations with regard to the program. Such report, shall include at a minimum—
(1) a summary of the Panel’s activities for the preceding year;
(2) an assessment and evaluation of the status of the programs mandated by this chapter; and
(3) comments on and recommendations for improvements in the comprehensive program management plan required under section 9002 of this title.
Submittal of report to Secretary of Energy

After consideration of the Technical Panel report, the Energy Research Advisory Board shall submit such report, together with any comments such Board deems appropriate, to the Secretary.

Cooperation by agency heads

The heads of the departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of the executive branch of the Federal Government shall cooperate with the Technical Panel in carrying out the requirements of this section and shall furnish to the Technical Panel such information as the Technical Panel deems necessary to carry out this section.

Staff, funds, and other support from Secretary of Energy

The Secretary shall provide sufficient staff, funds, and other support as necessary to enable the Technical Panel to carry out the functions described in this section.

(Pub. L. 96–310, § 8, July 17, 1980, 94 Stat. 945.)