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§ 44736. Organization designation authorizations
(a)Delegations of Functions.—
(1)In general.—Except as provided in paragraph (3), when overseeing an ODA holder, the Administrator of the FAA shall—
(A) require, based on an application submitted by the ODA holder and approved by the Administrator (or the Administrator’s designee), a procedures manual that addresses all procedures and limitations regarding the functions to be performed by the ODA holder; and
(B) conduct regular oversight activities by inspecting the ODA holder’s delegated functions and taking action based on validated inspection findings.
(2)Duties of oda holders.—An ODA holder shall—
(A) perform each specified function delegated to the ODA holder in accordance with the approved procedures manual for the delegation;
(B) make the procedures manual available to each member of the appropriate ODA unit; and
(C) cooperate fully with oversight activities conducted by the Administrator in connection with the delegation.
(3)Existing oda holders.—With regard to an ODA holder operating under a procedures manual approved by the Administrator before the date of enactment of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, the Administrator shall conduct regular oversight activities by inspecting the ODA holder’s delegated functions and taking action based on validated inspection findings.
(b)ODA Office.—
(1)Establishment.—Not later than 120 days after the date of enactment of this section, the Administrator of the FAA shall identify, within the FAA Office of Aviation Safety, a centralized policy office to be known as the Organization Designation Authorization Office or the ODA Office.
(2)Purpose.—The purpose of the ODA Office shall be to provide oversight and ensure the consistency of the FAA’s audit functions under the ODA program across the FAA.
(3)Functions.—The ODA Office shall—
(i) require, as appropriate, an ODA holder to establish a corrective action plan to regain authority for any retained limitations;
(ii) require, as appropriate, an ODA holder to notify the ODA Office when all corrective actions have been accomplished; and
(iii) when appropriate, make a reassessment to determine if subsequent performance in carrying out any retained limitation warrants continued retention and, if such reassessment determines performance meets objectives, lift such limitation immediately;
(B) develop a more consistent approach to audit priorities, procedures, and training under the ODA program;
(C) review, in a timely fashion, a random sample of limitations on delegated authorities under the ODA program to determine if the limitations are appropriate;
(D) ensure national consistency in the interpretation and application of the requirements of the ODA program, including any limitations, and in the performance of the ODA program;
(E) at the request of an ODA holder, review and, when appropriate, approve new limitations to ODA functions; and
(F) ensure the ODA holders procedures manual contains procedures and policies based on best practices established by the Administrator.
(c)Definitions.—In this section, the following definitions apply:
(1)FAA.—The term “FAA” means the Federal Aviation Administration.
(2)ODA holder.—The term “ODA holder” means an entity authorized to perform functions pursuant to a delegation made by the Administrator of the FAA under section 44702(d).
(3)ODA unit.—The term “ODA unit” means a group of 2 or more individuals who perform, under the supervision of an ODA holder, authorized functions under an ODA.
(4)Organization.—The term “organization” means a firm, partnership, corporation, company, association, joint-stock association, or governmental entity.
(5)Organization designation authorization; oda.—The term “Organization Designation Authorization” or “ODA” means an authorization by the FAA under section 44702(d) for an organization composed of 1 or more ODA units to perform approved functions on behalf of the FAA.
(1)In general.—The Administrator shall perform a periodic audit of each ODA unit and its procedures.
(2)Duration.—An audit required under paragraph (1) shall be performed with respect to an ODA holder once every 7 years (or more frequently as determined appropriate by the Administrator).
(3)Records.—The ODA holder shall maintain, for a period to be determined by the Administrator, a record of—
(A) each audit conducted under this subsection; and
(B) any corrective actions resulting from each such audit.
(e)Federal Aviation Safety Advisors.—
(1)In general.—In the case of an ODA holder, the Administrator shall assign FAA aviation safety personnel with appropriate expertise to be advisors to the ODA unit members that are authorized to make findings of compliance on behalf of the Administrator. The advisors shall—
(A) communicate with assigned unit members on an ongoing basis to ensure that the assigned unit members are knowledgeable of relevant FAA policies and acceptable methods of compliance; and
(B) monitor the performance of the assigned unit members to ensure consistency with such policies.
(2)Applicability.—Paragraph (1) shall only apply to an ODA holder that is—
(A) a manufacturer that holds both a type and a production certificate for—
(i) transport category airplanes with a maximum takeoff gross weight greater than 150,000 pounds; or
(ii) airplanes produced and delivered to operators operating under part 121 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations, for air carrier service under such part 121; or
(B) a manufacturer of engines for an airplane described in subparagraph (A).
(f)Communication With the FAA.—Neither the Administrator nor an ODA holder may prohibit—
(1) an ODA unit member from communicating with, or seeking the advice of, the Administrator or FAA staff; or
(2) the Administrator or FAA staff from communicating with an ODA unit member.
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