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§ 1523. Annual report on chemical and biological warfare defense
(a) Report requiredThe Secretary of Defense shall include in the annual report of the Secretary under section 113(c) of title 10 a report on chemical and biological warfare defense. The report shall assess—
(1) the overall readiness of the Armed Forces to fight in a chemical-biological warfare environment and shall describe steps taken and planned to be taken to improve such readiness; and
(2) requirements for the chemical and biological warfare defense program, including requirements for training, detection, and protective equipment, for medical prophylaxis, and for treatment of casualties resulting from use of chemical or biological weapons.
(b) Matters to be includedThe report shall include information on the following:
(1) The quantities, characteristics, and capabilities of fielded chemical and biological defense equipment to meet wartime and peacetime requirements for support of the Armed Forces, including individual protective items.
(2) The status of research and development programs, and acquisition programs, for required improvements in chemical and biological defense equipment and medical treatment, including an assessment of the ability of the Department of Defense and the industrial base to meet those requirements.
(3) Measures taken to ensure the integration of requirements for chemical and biological defense equipment and material among the Armed Forces.
(4) The status of nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) warfare defense training and readiness among the Armed Forces and measures being taken to include realistic nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare simulations in war games, battle simulations, and training exercises.
(5) Measures taken to improve overall management and coordination of the chemical and biological defense program.
(6) Problems encountered in the chemical and biological warfare defense program during the past year and recommended solutions to those problems for which additional resources or actions by the Congress are required.
(7) A description of the chemical warfare defense preparations that have been and are being undertaken by the Department of Defense to address needs which may arise under article X of the Chemical Weapons Convention.
(8) A summary of other preparations undertaken by the Department of Defense and the On-Site Inspection Agency to prepare for and to assist in the implementation of the convention, including activities such as training for inspectors, preparation of defense installations for inspections under the convention using the Defense Treaty Inspection Readiness Program, provision of chemical weapons detection equipment, and assistance in the safe transportation, storage, and destruction of chemical weapons in other signatory nations to the convention.
(9) A description of any program involving the testing of biological or chemical agents on human subjects that was carried out by the Department of Defense during the period covered by the report, together with—
(A) a detailed justification for the testing;
(B) a detailed explanation of the purposes of the testing;
(C) a description of each chemical or biological agent tested; and
(D) the Secretary’s certification that informed consent to the testing was obtained from each human subject in advance of the testing on that subject.
(A) an assessment of the degree to which the DARPA program is coordinated and integrated with, and supports the objectives and requirements of, the overall program of the Department of Defense; and
(B) the means by which the Department determines the level of such coordination and support.
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