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§ 3322. Additional education and training requirements
(a) FindingsCongress makes the following findings:
(1) Foreign language education is essential for the development of a highly-skilled workforce for the intelligence community.
(2) Since September 11, 2001, the need for language proficiency levels to meet required national security functions has been raised, and the ability to comprehend and articulate technical and scientific information in foreign languages has become critical.
(b) Linguistic requirements
(1) The Director of National Intelligence shall—
(A) identify the linguistic requirements for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence;
(B) identify specific requirements for the range of linguistic skills necessary for the intelligence community, including proficiency in scientific and technical vocabularies of critical foreign languages; and
(C) develop a comprehensive plan for the Office to meet such requirements through the education, recruitment, and training of linguists.
(2) In carrying out activities under paragraph (1), the Director shall take into account education grant programs of the Department of Defense and the Department of Education that are in existence as of December 17, 2004.
(c) Professional intelligence trainingThe Director of National Intelligence shall require the head of each element and component within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence who has responsibility for professional intelligence training to periodically review and revise the curriculum for the professional intelligence training of the senior and intermediate level personnel of such element or component in order to—
(1) strengthen the focus of such curriculum on the integration of intelligence collection and analysis throughout the Office; and
(2) prepare such personnel for duty with other departments, agencies, and elements of the intelligence community.
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