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§ 303901. Loan insurance program for preservation of property included on National Register
(a)Establishment.—The Secretary shall establish and maintain a program by which the Secretary may, on application of a private lender, insure loans (including loans made in accordance with a mortgage) made by the lender to finance any project for the preservation of a property included on the National Register.
(b)Loan Qualifications.—A loan may be insured under this section if—
(1) the loan is made by a private lender approved by the Secretary as financially sound and able to service the loan properly;
(2) the amount of the loan, and interest rate charged with respect to the loan, do not exceed the amount and rate established by the Secretary by regulation;
(3) the Secretary has consulted the appropriate State Historic Preservation Officer concerning the preservation of the historic property;
(4) the Secretary has determined that the loan is adequately secured and there is reasonable assurance of repayment;
(5) the repayment period of the loan does not exceed the lesser of 40 years or the expected life of the asset financed;
(6) the amount insured with respect to the loan does not exceed 90 percent of the loss sustained by the lender with respect to the loan; and
(7) the loan, the borrower, and the historic property to be preserved meet such other terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Secretary by regulation, especially terms and conditions relating to the nature and quality of the preservation work.
(c)Consultation.—The Secretary shall consult with the Secretary of the Treasury regarding the interest rate of loans insured under this section.
(d)Limitation on Amount of Unpaid Principal Balance of Loans.—The aggregate unpaid principal balance of loans insured under this section may not exceed the amount that has been deposited in the Historic Preservation Fund but which has not been appropriated for any purpose.
(e)Insurance Contracts.—Any contract of insurance executed by the Secretary under this section may be assignable, shall be an obligation supported by the full faith and credit of the United States, and shall be incontestable except for fraud or misrepresentation of which the holder had actual knowledge at the time it became a holder.
(f)Conditions and Methods of Payment as Result of Loss.—The Secretary shall specify, by regulation and in each contract entered into under this section, the conditions and method of payment to a private lender as a result of losses incurred by the lender on any loan insured under this section.
(g)Protection of Financial Interests of Federal Government.—In entering into any contract to insure a loan under this section, the Secretary shall take steps to ensure adequate protection of the financial interests of the Federal Government. The Secretary may—
(1) in connection with any foreclosure proceeding, obtain, on behalf of the Federal Government, the historic property securing a loan insured under this section; and
(2) operate or lease the historic property for such period as may be necessary to protect the interest of the Federal Government and to carry out subsection (h).
(h)Conveyance to Governmental or Nongovernmental Entity of Property Acquired by Foreclosure.—
(1)Attempt to convey to ensure property’s preservation and use.—In any case in which historic property is obtained pursuant to subsection (g), the Secretary shall attempt to convey the property to any governmental or nongovernmental entity under conditions that will ensure the property’s continued preservation and use. If, after a reasonable time, the Secretary, in consultation with the Council, determines that there is no feasible and prudent means to convey the property and to ensure its continued preservation and use, the Secretary may convey the property at the fair market value of its interest in the property to any entity without restriction.
(2)Disposition of funds.—Any funds obtained by the Secretary in connection with the conveyance of any historic property pursuant to paragraph (1) shall be deposited in the Historic Preservation Fund and shall remain available in the Historic Preservation Fund until appropriated by Congress to carry out this division.
(i)Assessment of Fees in Connection With Insuring Loans.—The Secretary may assess appropriate and reasonable fees in connection with insuring loans under this section. The fees shall be deposited in the Historic Preservation Fund and shall remain available in the Historic Preservation Fund until appropriated by Congress to carry out this division.
(j)Treatment of Loans as Non-Federal Funds.—Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any loan insured under this section shall be treated as non-Federal funds for the purposes of satisfying any requirement of any other provision of law under which Federal funds to be used for any project or activity are conditioned on the use of non-Federal funds by the recipient for payment of any portion of the costs of the project or activity.
(k)Ineligibility of Debt Obligation for Purchase or Commitment To Purchase by, or Sale or Issuance to, Federal Financing Bank.—No debt obligation that is made or committed to be made, or that is insured or committed to be insured, by the Secretary under this section shall be eligible for purchase by, or commitment to purchase by, or sale or issuance to, the Federal Financing Bank.
(Pub. L. 113–287, § 3, Dec. 19, 2014, 128 Stat. 3206.)