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§ 242b. Reports
(a) Information sharing to facilitate reports and analysis
Each subagency of the Department of Homeland Security shall share with CCHT—
(1) any information needed by CCHT to develop the strategy and proposal required under section 4(a);1
1 See References in Text note below.
(2) any additional data analysis to help CCHT better understand the issues surrounding human trafficking.
(b) Report to Congress
(c) Annual report on potential human trafficking victims
Not later than 1 year after December 27, 2022, and annually thereafter, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall submit a report to Congress that includes—
(1) the numbers of screened and identified potential victims of trafficking (as defined in section 7102(17) of title 22) at or near the international border between the United States and Mexico, including a summary of the age ranges of such victims and their countries of origin; and
(2) an update on the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to establish protocols and methods for personnel to report human trafficking, pursuant to the Department of Homeland Security Strategy to Combat Human Trafficking, the Importation of Goods Produced with Forced Labor, and Child Sexual Exploitation, published in January 2020.
(Pub. L. 117–322, § 5, Dec. 27, 2022, 136 Stat. 4435.)