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§ 5405.
Agricultural air quality research oversight
Congress finds that—
various studies have alleged that agriculture is a source of PM–10 emissions;
many of these studies have often been based on erroneous data;
Federal research activities are currently being conducted by the Department of Agriculture to determine the true extent to which agricultural activities contribute to air pollution and to determine cost-effective ways in which the agricultural industry can reduce any pollution that exists; and
any Federal policy recommendations that may be issued by any Federal agency to address air pollution problems related to agriculture or any other industrial activity should be based on sound scientific findings that are subject to adequate peer review and should take into account economic feasibility.

The purpose of this section is to encourage the Secretary of Agriculture to continue to strengthen vital research efforts related to agricultural air quality.

Oversight coordination
Intergovernmental cooperation

The Secretary shall, to the maximum extent practicable with respect to the Department of Agriculture and other Federal departments and agencies, ensure intergovernmental cooperation in research activities related to agricultural air quality and avoid duplication of the activities.

Correct data

The Secretary shall, to the maximum extent practicable, ensure that the results of any research related to agricultural air quality conducted by Federal agencies not report erroneous data with respect to agricultural air quality.

Task force

The Chief of the National Resources Conservation Service shall establish a task force to address agricultural air quality issues.


The task force shall be comprised of employees of the Department of Agriculture, industry representatives, and other experts in the fields of agriculture and air quality.


The task force shall advise the Secretary with respect to the role of the Secretary for providing oversight and coordination related to agricultural air quality.

(Pub. L. 104–127, title III, § 391, Apr. 4, 1996, 110 Stat. 1025.)
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