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§ 1217.4 - Investigation.

(a) General. FHFA may initiate an action under chapter 38 of subtitle III of title 31, U.S.C., and this part against a respondent only upon an investigation by the investigating official.

(b) Subpoena. Pursuant to 31 U.S.C. 3804(a), the investigating official may require by subpoena the production of records and other documents. The subpoena shall state the authority under which it is issued, identify the records sought, and name the person designated to receive the records. The recipient of the subpoena shall provide a certification that the documents sought have been produced, that the documents are not available and the reasons they are not available, or that the documents, suitably identified, have been withheld based upon the assertion of an identified privilege.

(c) Investigation report. If the investigating official concludes that an action under chapter 38 of subtitle III of title 31, U.S.C., and this part may be warranted, the investigating official shall prepare a report containing the findings and conclusions of the investigation, including:

(1) A description of the claim or statement at issue;

(2) The evidence supporting the allegations;

(3) An estimate of the amount of money or the value of property, services, or other benefits requested or demanded in violation of § 1217.3; and

(4) Any exculpatory or mitigating circumstances that may relate to the claim or statement.

(d) Referrals to the Attorney General. The investigating official may refer allegations directly to the Department of Justice for civil relief under other applicable law, as appropriate, or may defer or postpone submitting a report to the reviewing official to avoid interference with a criminal investigation or prosecution.