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§ 118.4 - Responsibilities of a CES operator.

By signing the agreement and commencing operation of a CES, an operator agrees to:

(a) Maintain the facility designated as the CES in conformity with the security standards as outlined in the approved application;

(b) Provide adequate personnel and equipment to ensure reliable service for the opening, presentation for inspection, and closing of all types of cargo designated for examination by Customs. Such service must be provided on a “first come-first served” basis;

(c) Assess service fees as outlined in the fee schedule included in the approved application or as changed under § 118.5 of this part and bill users directly for services rendered;

(d) Assume responsibility for any charges or expenses incurred in connection with the operation of the CES;

(e) Maintain, at his own expense, adequate liability insurance with respect to the property within his control and with respect to persons having access to the CES;

(f) Keep current the list filed with the port director pursuant to § 118.11(f) of this part. Additions to or deletions from the list must be submitted in writing to the port director within 10 calendar days of the commencement or termination of employment;

(g) Maintain a Customs custodial bond in an amount set by the port director. The CES operator will accept and keep safe all merchandise delivered to the CES for examination. The bond will include liability for transporting merchandise to the CES from within the district boundaries (see definition of “district” at § 112.1); such liability is assumed by the CES operator when he picks up merchandise for transportation to his facility. The operator also agrees to increase the amount of the bond if deemed appropriate by the port director.

(h) Maintain and make available for Customs examination all records connected with the operation of the CES in accordance with part 162 of this chapter and retain such records for a period of not less than five years from the date of the transaction or examination conducted pursuant to the agreement to operate the CES;

(i) Submit, if requested by Customs, the fingerprints of all employees involved in the CES operation;

(j) Provide office space, parking spaces, appropriate sanitary facilities, and potable water to Customs personnel at no charge or a charge of $1 per year; and

(k) Perform in accordance with any other reasonable requirements imposed by the port director.

(l) Provide transportation for merchandise to the CES from within the district boundaries (see definition of “district” at § 112.1). This responsibility is optional. If the CES operator chooses to provide transportation, he shall receipt for the merchandise when he picks it up and assume liability for the merchandise at that time.

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