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§ 118.5 - Procedures for changes to a fee schedule.

Whenever a CES operator intends to increase, add to or otherwise change the service fees set forth in the fee schedule referred to in § 118.4(c) of this part, the operator shall provide 90 calendar days advance written notice to the port director of such proposed fee schedule change and shall include in the notice a justification for any increased or additional fee. Following receipt of this written notice, the port director will advise the public of the proposed fee schedule change and invite comments thereon under the public notice and comment procedures set forth in § 118.2 of this part. After a review of the proposed fee schedule change and any public comments thereon, and based on the principle of comparability set forth in § 118.11(c) of this part, the port director will decide whether to approve the change, will notify the CES operator in writing of his decision, and will notify the public of any approved fee schedule change by the same methods that were used to provide the public with notice of the proposed change. A CES operator shall remain bound by the existing fee schedule and shall not implement any fee schedule change prior to receipt of written approval of the change from the port director.