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§ 12.125 - Notice of exportation.

Whenever the Administrator directs the port director to refuse entry under § 12.123 and the importer exports the non-complying shipment within the 30 day period of notice of refusal of entry or within 90 days of demand for redelivery, the importer must submit notice of the exportation either in writing to the port director or electronically to ACE or any other CBP-authorized EDI system. The importer must include the following information in the notice of exportation:

(a) The name and address of the exporter or his agent;

(b) A description of the covered commodity exported;

(c) The destination (country);

(d) The port of arrival at the destination;

(e) The carrier;

(f) The date of exportation; and

(g) The bill of lading or the air way bill number.

[T.D. 83-158, 48 FR 34739, Aug. 1, 1983, as amended by CBP Dec. 16-28, 81 FR 94986, Dec. 27, 2016]