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§ 133.13 - Documents and fee to accompany application.

(a) Documents. The application shall be accompanied by a statement of the owner, partners, or principal corporate officer, and by statements by at least two other persons not associated with or related to the applicant but having actual knowledge of the facts, stating that to his best knowledge and belief:

(1) The applicant has used the trade name in connection with the class or kind of merchandise described in the application for at least 6 months;

(2) The trade name is not identical or confusingly similar to any other trade name or registered trademark used in connection with such class or kind of merchandise; and

(3) The applicant has the sole and exclusive right to the use of such trade name in connection with the merchandise of that class or kind.

(b) Fee. The application shall be accompanied by a fee of $190 for each trade name to be recorded. A check or money order shall be made payable to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

[T.D. 72-266, 37 FR 20678, Oct. 3, 1972, as amended by T.D. 75-160, 40 FR 28791, July 9, 1975]