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§ 117.335 - Special requirements applicable to a written assurance.

(a) Any written assurance required by this part must contain the following elements:

(1) Effective date;

(2) Printed names and signatures of authorized officials;

(3) The applicable assurance under:

(i) Section 117.136(a)(2);

(ii) Section 117.136(a)(3);

(iii) Section 117.136(a)(4);

(iv) Section 117.430(c)(2);

(v) Section 117.430(d)(2); or

(vi) Section 117.430(e)(2);

(b) A written assurance required under § 117.136(a)(2), (3), or (4) must include:

(1) Acknowledgement that the facility that provides the written assurance assumes legal responsibility to act consistently with the assurance and document its actions taken to satisfy the written assurance; and

(2) Provision that if the assurance is terminated in writing by either entity, responsibility for compliance with the applicable provisions of this part reverts to the manufacturer/processor as of the date of termination.