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§ 172.270 - Sulfated butyl oleate.

Sulfate butyl oleate may be safely used in food, subject to the following prescribed conditions:

(a) The additive is prepared by sulfation, using concentrated sulfuric acid, of a mixture of butyl esters produced by transesterification of an edible vegetable oil using 1-butanol. Following sulfation, the reaction mixture is washed with water and neutralized with aqueous sodium or potassium hydroxide. Prior to sulfation, the butyl oleate reaction mixture meets the following specifications:

(1) Not less than 90 percent butyl oleate.

(2) Not more than 1.5 percent unsaponifiable matter.

(b) The additive is used or intended for use at a level not to exceed 2 percent by weight in an aqueous emulsion in dehydrating grapes to produce raisins, whereby the residue of the additive on the raisins does not exceed 100 parts per million.

[57 FR 12711, Apr. 13, 1992]