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§ 48.4161(a)-1 - Imposition and rate of tax; fishing equipment.

(a) Imposition of tax. Section 4161(a) imposes a tax on the sale of the following articles of fishing equipment (including in each case parts or accessories of such articles sold on or in connection therewith or with the sale thereof) by the manufacturer, producer, or importer thereof:

(1) Fishing rods;

(2) Fishing creels;

(3) Fishing reels; and

(4) Artificial lures, baits, and flies.

The tax applies only to those items of fishing equipment specified in section 4161(a) and this paragraph. Therefore, other items of fishing equipment, such as fishing nets, lines, hooks, sinkers, gaffs, etc., are not subject to the tax. Furthermore, the tax applies only to those specified articles of fishing equipment that are designed or constructed for use in the sport of fishing. Accordingly, the tax does not apply to those articles which, although nominally articles that are specified in section 4161(a), are in the nature of toys or novelties that merely simulate articles of a type referred to in section 4161(a), and are not designed or constructed for practical use in the sport of fishing.

(b) Rate of tax. Tax is imposed on the sale of the articles enumerated in section 4161(a) and paragraph (a) of this section at the rate of 10 percent of the price for which such articles are sold. For the definition of the term “price” see section 4216 and the regulations thereunder.

(c) Liability for tax. The tax imposed by section 4161(a) is payable by the manufacturer, producer, or importer making the sale. For determining who is the manufacturer, producer, or importer, see § 48.0-2(a)(4).

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