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§ 48.4161(b)-1 - Imposition and rates of tax; bows and arrows.

(a) Imposition of tax. Section 4161(b) imposes a tax on the sale of the following articles by the manufacturer, producer, or importer thereof:

(1) Any bow that has a draw weight of 10 pounds or more;

(2) Any arrow that measures 18 inches overall or more in length;

(3) Any part or accessory (other than a fishing reel) suitable for inclusion in or attachment to a bow or arrow described in subparagraph (1) or (2) of this paragraph; and

(4) Any quiver suitable for use with arrows described in subparagraph (2) of this paragraph.

(b) Rate of tax. The tax is imposed on the sale of articles enumerated in section 4161(b) and paragraph (a) of this section at the rate of 11 percent of the price for which such articles are sold. For the definition of the term “price”, see section 4216 and the regulations thereunder.

(c) Liability for tax. (1) The tax imposed by section 4161(b) is payable by the manufacturer, producer, or importer making the sale. For determining who is the manufacturer, producer, or importer, see § 48.0-2(a)(4).

[T.D. 7328, 39 FR 36586, Oct. 11, 1974, as amended by T.D. 8043, 50 FR 32014, Aug. 8, 1985]