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§ 49.4261-7 - Examples of payments subject to tax.

The following are examples of payments for transportation which, unless otherwise exempt under section 4261, 4281, 4282, or 4293 of the Internal Revenue Code are subject to tax:

(a) Cash fares. The tax applies to payments of so-called “cash fares” where no ticket or other evidence of the right to transportation is issued to the passenger.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Additional charges. Amounts paid as additional charges for changing the class of accommodations, changing the destination or route, extending the time limit of a ticket, as “extra fare”, or for exclusive occupancy of a section, etc., are subject to the tax.

(d)-(e) [Reserved]

(f) Prepaid orders, exchange orders, or similar orders. The tax applies to the amounts paid for prepaid orders, exchange orders, or similar orders for transportation. Additional amounts paid in procuring transportation in connection with the use of prepaid orders, exchange orders, or similar orders, are likewise subject to tax.

(g) [Reserved]

(h) Aircraft charters - (1) When no charge is made by the charterer of an aircraft to the persons transported, the amount paid by the charterer for the charter of the aircraft is subject to tax.

(2) The charterer of an aircraft who sells transportation to other persons must collect and account for the tax with respect to all amounts paid to the charterer by such other persons. In such case, no tax will be due on the amount paid by the charterer for the charter of the aircraft but it shall be the duty of the owner of the aircraft to advise the charterer of the charterer's obligation for collecting, accounting for, and paying over the tax to the Internal Revenue Service.

(i) All-expense tours. Amounts paid for all-expense tours are subject to tax with respect to that portion representing transportation which is subject to tax. See §§ 49.4261-2(c) and 49.4261-8(f)(4).

(j) Payments remitted to foreign countries by persons in the United States. Payments for transportation tickets, prepaid orders, exchange orders, or similar orders are subject to the tax where the payment for such tickets or orders is accomplished by the purchaser either (1) by transmission from within the United States via telegraph or mail of cash, checks, postal or telegraphic money orders, and similar drafts to ticket offices or travel agencies, etc., located in any place without the United States, or (2) by the delivery of the funds to an agency located in the United States for transmission to ticket offices, or travel agencies, etc., without the United States. Such payments are considered to be payments made within the United States.

(k) Applicability date. Paragraph (h) of this section applies to amounts paid on and after January 19, 2021. For rules that apply before that date, see 26 CFR part 49, revised as of April 1, 2020.

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