U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: Oct 31, 2020

§ 7.2 - Who may file petitions for review.

(a) Any interested person who is seeking a modification or other change in a wage determination under part 1 of this subtitle and who has requested the administrative officer authorized to make such modification or other change under part 1 and the request has been denied, after appropriate reconsideration shall have a right to petition for review of the action taken by that officer.

(b) For purpose of this section, the term interested person is considered to include, without limitation:

(1) Any contractor, or an association representing a contractor, who is likely to seek or to work under a contract containing a particular wage determination, or any laborer or mechanic, or any labor organization which represents a laborer or mechanic, who is likely to be employed or to seek employment under a contract containing a particular wage determination, and

(2) any Federal, State, or local agency concerned with the administration of a proposed contract or a contract containing a particular wage determination issued pursuant to the Davis-Bacon Act or any of its related statutes.