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§ 1202.555 - What portion of the gas that I produce is subject to royalty?

(a) All gas produced from or allocated to your Indian lease is subject to royalty except the following:

(1) Gas that is unavoidably lost.

(2) Gas that is used on, or for the benefit of, the lease.

(3) Gas that is used off-lease for the benefit of the lease when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approves such off-lease use.

(4) Gas used as plant fuel as provided in § 1206.179(e).

(b) You may use royalty-free only that proportionate share of each lease's production (actual or allocated) necessary to operate the production facility when you use gas for one of the following purposes:

(1) On, or for the benefit of, the lease at a production facility handling production from more than one lease with BLM's approval.

(2) At a production facility handling unitized or communitized production.

(c) If the terms of your lease are inconsistent with this subpart, your lease terms will govern to the extent of that inconsistency.