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§ 1227.200 - What are a State's general responsibilities if it accepts a delegation?

For each delegated function you perform, you must:

(a) Operate in compliance with all Federal laws, regulations, and Secretarial and ONRR determinations and orders relating to calculating, reporting, and paying mineral royalties and other revenues. You must seek information or guidance from ONRR regarding new, complex, or unique issues. If ONRR determines that written guidance or interpretation is appropriate, ONRR will provide the guidance or interpretation in writing to you and you must follow the interpretation or guidance given;

(b) Comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). You must:

(1) Provide complete disclosure of financial results of activities;

(2) Maintain correct and accurate records of all mineral-related transactions and accounts;

(3) Maintain effective controls and accountability;

(4) Maintain a system of accounts that includes a comprehensive audit trail so that all entries may be traced to one or more source documents; and

(5) Maintain adequate royalty and production information for royalty management purposes;

(c) Assist ONRR in meeting the requirements of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) as well as assisting in developing and endeavoring to comply with the ONRR Strategic Plan and Performance Measurements;

(d) Maintain all records you obtain or create under your delegated function, such as royalty reports, production reports, and other related information. You must maintain such records in a safe, secure manner, including taking appropriate measures for protecting confidential and proprietary information and assisting ONRR in responding to Freedom of Information Act requests when necessary. You must maintain such records for at least 7 years;

(e) Provide reports to ONRR about your activities under your delegated functions. ONRR will specify in your delegation agreement what reports you must submit and how often you must submit them. At a minimum, you must provide periodic statistical reports to ONRR summarizing the activities you carried out, such as:

(1) Production and royalty reports processed;

(2) Erroneous reports corrected;

(3) Results of automated verification findings;

(4) Number of audits performed; and

(5) Enforcement documents issued.

(f) Assist ONRR in maintaining adequate reference, royalty, and production databases as provided in the Standards issued under § 1227.201 of this part and the delegation agreement;

(g) Develop annual work plans that:

(1) Specify the work you will perform for each delegated function; and

(2) Identify the resources you will commit to perform each delegated function;

(h) Help ONRR respond to requests for information from other Federal agencies, Congress, and the public;

(i) Cooperate with ONRR's monitoring of your delegated functions; and

(j) Comply with the Standards as required under § 1227.201 of this part.