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§ 1227.201 - What standards must a State comply with for performing delegated functions?

(a) If ONRR delegates royalty management functions to you, you must comply with the Standards. The Standards explain how you must carry out the activities under each of the delegable functions.

(b) Your delegation agreement may include additional standards specifically applicable to the functions delegated to you.

(c) Failure to comply with your delegation agreement, the Standards, or any of the specific standards and requirements in the delegation agreement, is grounds for termination of all or part of your delegation agreement, or other actions as provided under §§ 1227.801 and 227.802.

(d) ONRR may revise the Standards and will provide notice of those changes in the Federal Register. You must comply with any changes to the Standards.

[62 FR 43084, Aug. 12, 1997, as amended at 75 FR 61087, Oct. 4, 2010]