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§ 1227.500 - What functions may a State perform to ensure that reporters correct erroneous report data?

Production data and royalty data must be edited to ensure that what is reported is correct, that disbursement is made to the proper recipient, and that correct data are used for other functions, such as automated verification and audits. If you request delegation of error correction functions for production reports or royalty reports, or both, you must perform at least the following:

(a) Correcting all fatal errors and assigning appropriate confirmation indicators;

(b) Verifying whether production reports are missing;

(c) Contacting production reporters or royalty reporters about missing reports and resolving exceptions;

(d) Documenting all corrections made, including providing production reporters or royalty reporters with confirmation reports of any changes;

(e) Providing training and assistance to production reporters or royalty reporters;

(f) Issuing notices, orders to report, and bills as needed, including, but not limited to, imposing assessments on a person who chronically submits erroneous reports; and

(g) Providing assistance to ONRR for appealed demands or orders, including preparing field reports, performing remanded actions, modifying orders, and providing oral and written briefing and testimony as expert witnesses.

[62 FR 43084, Aug. 12, 1997, as amended at 75 FR 61087, Oct. 4, 2010]