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§ 1227.112 - What compensation will a State receive to perform delegated functions?

You will receive compensation for your costs to perform each delegated function subject to the following conditions:

(a) Compensation for costs is subject to Congressional appropriations;

(b) Compensation may not exceed the reasonably anticipated expenditures that ONRR would incur to perform the same function;

(c) The cost for which you request compensation must be directly related to your performance of a delegated function and necessary for your performance of that delegated function;

(d) At a minimum, you must provide vouchers detailing your expenditures quarterly during the fiscal year. However, you may agree to provide vouchers on a monthly basis in your delegation agreement;

(e) You must maintain adequate books and records to support your vouchers;

(f) ONRR will pay you quarterly or monthly during the fiscal year as stated in your delegation agreement; and

(g) ONRR may withhold compensation to you for your failure to properly perform any delegated function as provided in section 227.801 of this part.