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§ 1227.103 - What must a State's delegation proposal contain?

If you want ONRR to delegate royalty management functions to you, then you must submit a delegation proposal to the Director for Office of Natural Resources Revenue. ONRR will provide you with technical assistance and information to help you prepare your delegation proposal. Your proposal must contain the following minimum information:

(a) The name and title of the State official authorized to submit the delegation proposal and execute the delegation agreement;

(b) The name, address, and telephone number of the State contact for the proposal;

(c) A copy of the legislation, State Attorney General opinion or other document that:

(1) States which State entity or entities are responsible for performing delegated functions, and if more than one entity is delegated such responsibility, the position of the highest ranking State official having ultimate authority over the collection of royalties from leases on Federal lands within the State;

(2) Demonstrates the State's authority to:

(i) Accept a delegation from ONRR; and

(ii) Receive State or Federal appropriations to perform delegated functions;

(d) The date you propose to begin performing delegated functions;

(e) A detailed statement of the delegable functions that you propose to perform. For each function, describe the resources available in your State to perform each function, the procedures you will use to perform each function, and how you will assure that you will meet all Federal laws, lease terms, regulations and relevant performance standards. As evidence that you have or will have the resources to perform each delegable function, provide the following information:

(1) A description of the personnel you have available to perform delegated functions, including:

(i) How many persons you will assign full-time and part-time to each delegated function;

(ii) The technical qualifications of the key personnel you will assign to each function, including academic field and degree, professional credentials, and quality and amount of experience with similar functions; and

(iii) Whether these persons are currently State employees. If not, explain how you propose to hire these persons or obtain their services, and when you expect to have those persons available to perform delegated functions;

(2) A description of the facilities you will use to perform delegated functions, including:

(i) Whether you currently have the facilities in which you will physically locate the personnel and equipment you will need to perform the functions you propose to assume. If not, how you propose to acquire such facilities, and when you expect to have such facilities available; and

(ii) How much office space is available;

(3) Describe the equipment you will use to perform delegated functions, including:

(i) Hardware and software you will use to perform each delegated function, including equipment for:

(A) Document processing, including compatibility with ONRR automated systems, electronic commerce capabilities, and data storage capabilities;

(B) Accessing reference data;

(C) Contacting production or royalty reporters;

(D) Issuing demands;

(E) Maintaining accounting records;

(F) Performing automated verification;

(G) Maintaining security of confidential and proprietary information; and

(H) Providing data to other Federal agencies;

(ii) Whether you currently have the equipment you will need to perform the functions you propose to assume. If not, how you propose to acquire such equipment and when you expect to have such equipment available;

(f) Your estimates of the costs to fund the following resources necessary to perform the delegation:

(1) Personnel, including hiring, employee salaries and benefits, travel and training;

(2) Facilities, including acquisition, upgrades, operation, and maintenance; and

(3) Equipment, including acquisition, operation, and maintenance;

(g) Your plans to fund the resources under paragraph (f) of this section, including any items you will ask ONRR to fund under the delegation agreement;

(h) A statement identifying any areas where State law, including State appropriation law, may limit your ability to perform delegated functions, and an explanation of how you propose to remove any such limitation;

(i) A statement that in accordance with section 203 of the Act (30 U.S.C. 1733) persons who have access to information received under delegated functions are subject to the same provisions of law regarding confidentiality and disclosure of that information as Federal employees. Applicable laws include the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Trade Secrets Act, and relevant Executive Orders. In addition, your statement must acknowledge that all documents produced, received, and maintained as part of any delegation functions are agency records for purposes of FOIA. Therefore, persons who have access to information received under delegated functions may not use such information or provide such information to any other person, including State personnel, for purposes other than performing delegated functions. However, this limitation does not apply if the person submitting the information consents in writing to its use for other State purposes.

[62 FR 43084, Aug. 12, 1997, as amended at 67 FR 19112, Apr. 18, 2002; 75 FR 61087, Oct. 4, 2010]