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§ 1227.105 - What are the hearing procedures?

After ONRR notifies you that your delegation proposal is complete, ONRR will schedule a hearing on your proposal, if ONRR determines a hearing is appropriate, as follows:

(a) The ONRR Director will appoint a hearing official to conduct one or more public hearings for fact finding regarding your ability to assume the delegated functions requested. The hearing official will not decide whether to approve your delegation request;

(b) The hearing official will contact you about scheduling a hearing date and location;

(c) The ONRR will publish notice of the hearing in the Federal Register and other appropriate media within your State;

(d) ONRR will publish notice of the proposal in the Federal Register. ONRR will also post the proposal on the ONRR Website, and upon request, ONRR will send a copy of the delegation proposal to the trade associations to distribute to their members, as necessary;

(e) At the hearing, you will have an opportunity to present testimony and written information in support of your proposal;

(f) Other persons may attend the hearing and may present testimony and written information for the record;

(g) ONRR will record the hearing;

(h) ONRR will maintain a record of all documents related to the proposal process;

(i) After the hearing, ONRR may require you to submit additional information in support of your delegation proposal.

[62 FR 43084, Aug. 12, 1997, as amended at 75 FR 61087, Oct. 4, 2010]