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§ 17.538 - Agreement and obligated service.

(a) Agreement. Each eligible individual who accepts funds from the EACFMAF will enter into an agreement with VA where the eligible individual agrees to the following:

(1) Maintain enrollment, attendance, and acceptable level of academic standing as defined by the school;

(2) Complete a master's degree in physician assistant studies or similar master's degree; and

(3) Be employed as a full-time clinical practice employee in VA as a physician assistant for a period of obligated service for one calendar year for each school year or part thereof for which the EACFMAF was awarded, but for no less than three years.

(b) Obligated service - (1) General. An eligible individual's obligated service will begin on the date on which the eligible individual begins full-time permanent employment with VA as a clinical practice employee as a physician assistant, but no later than 90 days after the date that the eligible individual completes a master's degree in physician assistant studies or similar master's degree, or the date the eligible individual becomes licensed in a State and certified as required by the Secretary, whichever is later. VA will actively assist and monitor eligible individuals to ensure State licenses and certificates are obtained in a minimal amount of time following graduation. If an eligible individual fails to obtain his or her degree, or fails to become licensed in a State or become certified no later than 180 days after receiving the degree, the eligible individual is considered to be in breach of the acceptance agreement.

(2) Location and position of obligated service. VA will publish a list of VA medical facilities where the participants may perform their period of obligated service in a notice in the Federal Register on a yearly basis. Participants of the EACFMAF may select their preference for service from this list to serve the period of obligated service. VA reserves the right to make final decisions on the location and position of the obligated service. An eligible individual who receives an EACFMAF must be willing to relocate to another geographic location to carry out their service obligation.

(The Office of Management and Budget has approved the information collection requirements in this section under control number 2900-0793.)