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§ 17.710 - Notice of Fund Availability.

When funds are available for grants, VA will publish a Notice of Fund Availability in the Federal Register. The notice will identify:

(a) The location for obtaining grant applications;

(b) The date, time, and place for submitting completed grant applications;

(c) The estimated amount and type of grant funding available;

(d) The length of term for the grant award;

(e) The minimum number of total points and points per category that an applicant or grantee must receive in order for a supportive grant to be funded;

(f) The timeframes and manner for payments under the grant; and

(g) Those areas identified by VA to be the “highly rural areas” in which grantees may provide transportation services funded under this rule.

(Authority: Sec. 307, Pub. L. 111-163; 38 U.S.C. 501)