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§ 17.802 - Application provisions.

(a) To obtain a loan under these Transitional Housing Loan Program regulations, an application must be submitted by the applicant in the form prescribed by VA in the application package. The completed application package must be submitted to the Deputy Associate Director for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services, (302/111C), VA Medical Center, 100 Emancipation Drive, Hampton, VA 23667. An application package may be obtained by writing to the proceeding address or telephoning (804) 722-9961 x3628. (This is not a toll-free number)

(b) The application package includes exhibits to be prepared and submitted, including:

(1) Information concerning the applicant's income, assets, liabilities and credit history,

(2) Information for VA to verify the applicant's financial information,

(3) Identification of the official(s) authorized to make financial transactions on behalf of the applicant,

(4) Information concerning:

(i) The history, purpose and composition of the applicant,

(ii) The applicant's involvement with recovering substance abusers, including:

(A) Type of services provided,

(B) Number of persons served,

(C) Dates during which each type of service was provided,

(D) Names of at least two references of government or community groups whom the organization has worked with in assisting substance abusers,

(iii) The applicant's plan for the provision of transitional housing to veterans including:

(A) Means of identifying and screening potential residents,

(B) Number of occupants intended to live in the residence for which the loan assistance is requested,

(C) Residence operating policies addressing structure for democratic self-government, expulsion policies for nonpayment, alcohol or illegal drug use or disruptive behavior,

(D) Type of technical assistance available to residents in the event of house management problems,

(E) Anticipated cost of maintaining the residence, including rent and utilities,

(F) Anticipated charge, per veteran, for residing in the residence,

(G) Anticipated means of collecting rent and utilities payments from residents,

(H) A description of the housing unit for which the loan is sought to support, including location, type of neighborhood, brief floor plan description, etc., and why this residence was selected for this endeavor.

(iv) The applicant's plans for use of the loan proceeds.

(Authority: Sec. 8 of Pub. L. 102-54, 105 Stat. 271, 38 U.S.C. 501)