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§ 17.804 - Loan approval criteria.

Upon consideration of the application package, loan approval will be based on the following:

(a) Favorable financial history and status,

(1) A minimum of a two-year credit history,

(2) No open liens, judgments, and no unpaid collection accounts,

(3) No more than two instances where payments were ever delinquent beyond 60 days,

(4) Net ratio: (monthly expenses divided by monthly cash flow) that does not exceed 40%,

(5) Gross ratio: (total indebtedness divided by gross annual cash flow) that does not exceed 35%,

(6) At least two favorable credit references,

(b) Demonstrated ability to successfully address the needs of substance abusers as determined by a minimum of one year of successful experience in providing services, such as, provision of housing, vocational training, structured job seeking assistance, organized relapse prevention services, or similar activity. Such experience would involve at least twenty-five substance abusers, and would be experience which could be verified by VA inquiries of government or community groups with whom the applicant has worked in providing these services.

(c) An acceptable plan for operating a residence designed to meet the conditions of a loan under this program, which will include:

(1) Measures to ensure that residents are eligible for residency, i.e., are veterans, are in (or have recently been in) a program for the treatment of substance abuse, are financially able to pay their share of costs of maintaining the residence, and agree to abide by house rules and rent/utilities payment provisions,

(2) Adequate rent/utilities collections to cover cost of maintaining the residence,

(3) Policies that ensure democratic self-run government, including expulsion policies, and

(4) Available technical assistance to residents in the event of house management problems.

(d) Selection of a suitable housing unit for use as a transitional residence in a neighborhood with no known illegal drug activity, and with adequate living space for number of veterans planned for residence (at least one large bedroom for every three veterans, at least one bathroom for every four veterans, adequate common space for entire household)

(e) Agreements, signed by an official authorized to bind the recipient, which include:

(1) The loan payment schedule in accordance with the requirements of Pub. L. 102-54, with the interest rate being the same as the rate the VA is charged to borrow these funds from the U.S. Department of Treasury and with a penalty of 4% of the amount due for each failure to pay an installment by the date specified in the loan agreement involved, and

(2) The applicant's intent to use proceeds of loan only to cover initial startup costs associated with the residence, such as security deposit, furnishings, household supplies, and any other initial startup costs.

(Authority: Sec. 8 of Pub. L. 102-54, 105 Stat. 271, 38 U.S.C. 501)