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§ 17.902 - Preauthorization.

(a) Preauthorization from VA is required for the following services or benefits under §§ 17.900 through 17.905: Rental or purchase of durable medical equipment with a total rental or purchase price in excess of $300, respectively; day health care provided as outpatient care; dental services; homemaker services; outpatient mental health services in excess of 23 visits in a calendar year; substance abuse treatment; training; transplantation services; and travel (other than mileage at the General Services Administration rate for privately owned automobiles). Authorization will only be given in spina bifida cases where it is demonstrated that the care is medically necessary. In cases of other covered birth defects, authorization will only be given where it is demonstrated that the care is medically necessary and related to the covered birth defects. Requests for provision of health care requiring preauthorization shall be made to the Health Administration Center and may be made by telephone, facsimile, mail, or hand delivery. The application must contain the following:

(1) Name of child,

(2) Child's Social Security number,

(3) Name of veteran,

(4) Veteran's Social Security number,

(5) Type of service requested,

(6) Medical justification,

(7) Estimated cost, and

(8) Name, address, and telephone number of provider.

(b) Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (a) of this section, preauthorization is not required for a condition for which failure to receive immediate treatment poses a serious threat to life or health. Such emergency care should be reported by telephone to the Health Administration Center within 72 hours of the emergency.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 101(2), 1802-1803, 1811-1813, 1831) (The Office of Management and Budget has approved the information collection requirements in this section under control number 2900-0219) [68 FR 1010, Jan. 8, 2003, as amended at 76 FR 4249, Jan. 25, 2011; 81 FR 19890, Apr. 6, 2016]