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§ 1.514 - Disclosure to private physicians and hospitals other than Department of Veterans Affairs.

(a) When a beneficiary elects to obtain medical attention as a private patient from a private practitioner or in a medical center other than a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital, there may be disclosed to such private practitioner or head of such medical center (Federal, State, municipal, or private), such information as to the medical history, diagnosis, findings, or treatment as is requested, including the loan of original X-ray films, whether Department of Veterans Affairs clinical X-rays or service department entrance and separation X-rays, provided there is also submitted a written authorization from the beneficiary or his or her duly authorized representative. The information will be supplied without charge directly to the private physician or medical center head and not through the beneficiary or representative. In forwarding this information, it will be accompanied by the stipulations that it is released with consent of or on behalf of the patient and that the information will be treated as confidential, as is customary in civilian professional medical practice.

(b) Such information may be released without charge and without consent of the patient or his or her duly authorized representative when a request for such information is received from:

(1) The superintendent of a State hospital for psychotic patients, a commissioner or head of a State department of mental hygiene, or head of a State, county, or city health department; or

(2) Any fee basis physician or institution in connection with authorized treatment of the veteran as a Department of Veterans Affairs beneficiary; or

(3) Any physician or medical installation treating the veteran under emergency conditions.

[34 FR 13368, Aug. 19, 1969, as amended at 54 FR 34980, Aug. 23, 1989]