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§ 1.516 - Disclosure of information to undertaker concerning burial of a deceased veteran.

When an undertaker requests information believed to be necessary in connection with the burial of a deceased veteran, such as the name and address of the beneficiary of the veteran's Government insurance policy, name and address of the next of kin, rank or grade of veteran and organization in which he or she served, character of the veteran's discharge, or date and place of birth of the veteran, and it appears that the undertaker is holding the body awaiting receipt of the information requested, the undertaker, in such instances, may be considered the duly authorized representative of the deceased veteran for the purpose of obtaining said information. In ordinary cases, however, the undertaker will be advised that information concerning the beneficiary of a Government insurance policy is confidential and cannot be disclosed; the beneficiary will be advised immediately of the inquiry, and the furnishing of the desired information will be discretionary with the beneficiary. In no case will the undertaker be informed of the net amount due under the policy or furnished information not specifically mentioned in this paragraph.

[46 FR 62059, Dec. 22, 1981]