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§ 1.601 - Qualifications for access.

(a) An applicant for read-only access to VBA automated claims records from a location other than a VA Regional Office must be:

(1) An organization, representative, attorney or agent approved or accredited by VA under §§ 14.626 through 14.635; or

(2) An attorney of record for a claimant in proceedings before the Court of Veterans Appeals or subsequent proceedings who requests access to the claimant's automated claims records as part of the representation of the claimant.

(b) The hardware, modem and software utilized to obtain access, as well as their location, must be approved in advance by VBA.

(c) Each individual and organization approved for access must sign and return a notice provided by the Regional Office Director (or the Regional Office Director's designee) of the Regional Office of jurisdiction for the claim. The notice will specify the applicable operational and security requirements for access and an acknowledgment that the breach of any of these requirements is grounds for disqualification from access.

[59 FR 47084, Sept. 14, 1994. Redesignated at 73 FR 29870, May 22, 2008]