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§ 1.651 - Definitions.

The terms as used in the regulations concerning inventions by employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs are defined as follows:

(a) The term invention includes any art, machine, manufacture, design, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, or any variety of plant, which is or may be patentable under the patent laws of the United States.

(b) The term employee or Government employee means any officer or employee, civilian or military, of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Part-time, without compensation (WOC) employees and part-time consultants are included.

(c) The term Secretary of Commerce means the Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology.

[21 FR 10377, Dec. 28, 1956, as amended at 31 FR 5291, Apr. 2, 1966; 61 FR 29658, June 12, 1996]