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§ 1.656 - Information to be submitted by inventor.

(a) In the case of an invention or believed invention, the inventor will prepare a statement for submission to his or her immediate superior. It will be submitted regardless of where the ownership is believed to exist. The statement will consist of two parts:

(1) One part of the statement will be a disclosure of the invention sufficient to permit the preparation of a patent applicant. It shall consist of a description, including where applicable, of the parts or components of the invention as shown on the drawings or blueprints, accompanied further by a description of the construction and operation of the invention. Photographs of the invention may be included. The inventor should state pertinent prior art known to him or her, and set forth in detail as clearly as possible the respects which his or her invention differs.

(2) The other part of the statement will set forth the circumstances attending the making of the invention. It will include the full name and address of the inventor; the grade and title of his or her position; whether full time or part time; his or her duties at the time the invention was made; the facts pertinent to a determination whether the invention bore a direct relation to or was made in consequence of such official duties; whether there was, and if so, the terms of any special agreement or understanding with respect to use or manufacture of his or her invention; date of the invention; when and where it was conceived, constructed and tested; whether it was made entirely during working hours; whether, and to what extent there was a contribution by the Government of any of the following: Facilities; equipment; materials or supplies; funds; information; time or services of other Government employees on duty. When the invention is disclosed through publication, or in consultation with a manufacturer or attorney, simultaneous notification of the publication shall be given to the Office of General Counsel. A copy of the article will accompany the notification.

(b) The inventor's immediate superior shall promptly review the statement of the employee inventor for completeness and accuracy, and shall certify that the employee's statement of circumstances attending the invention is or is not correct, giving reasons if pertinent. The file should then be submitted through the facility head (or administration heads or top staff officials in the case of Central Office employees) to the General Counsel together with any comments or recommendations.

[61 FR 29658, June 12, 1996]