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§ 1.672 - Responsibilities.

(a) The issuance of an allotment to the administration and staff office heads (allottees) is required and is the responsibility of the Director, Office of Budget and Finance. The sum of such allotments shall not be in excess of the amount indicated in the apportionment or reapportionment document.

(b) The issuance of an allowance is discretionary with department or staff office heads (allottees), as an allowance is merely a management device which allottees may utilize in carrying out their responsibilities. Allottees are responsible for keeping obligations within the amounts of their allotments, whether allowances are issued or not.

(c) The Director, Office of Budget and Finance, is responsible for requesting apportionments and reapportionments from the Office of Management and Budget. Administration and staff heads shall promptly request that an appropriation or fund be reapportioned if feasible whenever it appears that obligations may exceed the level of the apportionment.

(Authority: 31 U.S.C. 1514)