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§ 2.8 - Delegation of authority to authorize allowances for Department of Veterans Affairs employees who are notaries public.

(a) Employees occupying or acting in the positions designated in paragraph (b) of this section are authorized to designate those employees who are required to serve as notaries public in connection with the performance of official business and to pay an allowance for the costs therefor not to exceed the expense required to be incurred by them in order to obtain their commission.

(Authority: 5 U.S.C. 5945)

(b) Designated positions: Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary for Benefits, Director, Office of Data Management and Telecommunications, Chief Medical Director, General Counsel, Directors of regional offices, hospitals, domiciliaries, and centers.

[35 FR 13771, Aug. 29, 1970, as amended at 49 FR 30693, Aug. 1, 1984]