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§ 8a.1 - Definitions.

(a) The term housing unit means a family dwelling or unit, together with the necessary land therefor, that has been or will be purchased, constructed, or remodeled with a grant to meet the needs of an eligible individual and of his or her family, and is or will be owned and occupied by the eligible individual as his or her home, or a family dwelling or unit, including the necessary land therefor, acquired by an eligible individual to be used as his or her residence after selling or otherwise disposing of title to the housing unit for which his or her grant was made.

(b) The term Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) means the mortgage protection life insurance authorized for individuals under 38 U.S.C. 2106.

(c) The term initial amount of insurance means the amount of insurance selected by the insured, which may be less than the statutory maximum of $200,000 and less than the amount necessary to pay the mortgage indebtedness in full.

(d) The term mortgage loan means any loan, lien, or other indebtedness incurred by an eligible individual to buy, build, remodel, or enlarge a housing unit, the payment of which loan, lien, or indebtedness is secured by a mortgage lien, or other equivalent security of record, on the housing unit in the usual legal form employed in the community in which the property is situated. The term also includes refinancing of such an indebtedness to avoid a default, to consolidate liens, to renew or extend the time for payment of the indebtedness, and in cases where the housing unit is being bought, built, remodeled, or enlarged by increasing the amount of such an indebtedness.

(e) The term owned means the eligible individual has or will acquire an interest in the housing unit which is:

(1) A fee simple estate, or

(2) A leasehold estate, the unexpired term of which, including renewals at the option of the lessee, is not less than 50 years, or

(3) An interest in a residential unit in a cooperative or a condominium type development which in the judgment of the Under Secretary for Benefits or the Executive Director, Loan Guaranty Service, provides a right of occupancy for a period of not less than 50 years: Provided, The title to such estate or interest is or shall be such as is acceptable to prudent lending institutions, informed buyers, title companies, and attorneys, generally, in the community.

(f) The term eligible individual means a person who has been determined by the Secretary to be eligible for benefits pursuant to 38 U.S.C. chapter 21.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 501, 2101, 2101A, 2106) [37 FR 282, Jan. 8, 1972, as amended at 42 FR 43835, Aug. 31, 1977; 61 FR 29027, June 7, 1996; 82 FR 48631, Oct. 19, 2017; 86 FR 51275, Sept. 15, 2021]